Jacques Marie Mage is bold, powerful and playful. Taking inspiration from art, music, films and the people who make them. What makes Jacques Marie Mage frames special is exclusivity. Produced in a limited run, each frame becomes a bold statement piece unique to you. Great fashion shouldn’t be mass produced, it should be hand crafted and sustainably sourced.

      Jerome Mage founded Jacques Marie Mage in 2014 and made its home base in vibrant Los Angeles. With two decades of history and experience, Jerome melded together his passions, creativity and dedication to a superior, quality product when opening J.M.M. and debuting the designer brand.

      Jerome Jacques Marie Mage found his way to Los Angeles when he was only 20, making his way from France where he was born, in 2001. It was then that he opened his studio, Mage Design, and began inserting his ethos and ideals surrounding eyewear and the craft into the business. He is known for creating a unique space in the eyecraft market, blending the use of function and creativity into all of his product lines.