World-class brands available locally.

SPEX By Ryan offers the most exclusive brands and their coolest frames. We’ve partnered with brands from all over the world to bring this international style to you. We’re constantly looking into more brands, so keep watching for some fresh looks.

AhlemAndy WolfBarton PerreiraBlake KuwaharaBruno ChaussignandCazalCharmossasChristian RothDandy’sDitaGarrett LeightGottiHarry Lary’sJacques Marie MageKaenonKirk & KirkKuboraumLeisure SocietyLinda FarrowLINDBERGMatsudaMatttewNathalie BlancRAPPShamballaTAVATTheoThierry LasryThom BrowneVinylizeVuarnet