What is an Anti-Fatigue Lens?

Anti-Fatigue Lenses are a progressive technology that is built with a slight and subtle boost within your lens for near vision work. An anti-fatigue lens will work to relieve any visual fatigue symptoms such as headaches, eye strain and blurred vision.

The upper portion of an anti-fatigue lens will provide perfect vision and distance correction, just like a regular lens. The lower portion of the lens will have a subtle change in power, which will help to reduce the symptoms of eye strain and fatigue.

Who Needs an Anti-Fatigue Lens?

If you find yourself doing a lot of close work, or near vision work during your day to day life an anti-fatigue lens could be right for you. We commonly fit students, artists and anyone who reads or uses their screens for the majority of their day into an anti-fatigue lens.

Nowadays a lot of our day to day work involves long periods of reading and work at a computer screen. These long stretches of prolonged reading and screen exposure mean that the muscles in our eyes are constantly working. If you often feel tired after a day of work eye strain might be a factor and anti-fatigue lenses could help provide some relief.

Anti-Fatigue Lens vs. Progressive Lens

Progressive lenses have three powers or prescriptions in one pair of glasses. These allow you to do up close work (like reading), mid-range work (such as viewing a computer screen or watching TV) and far work (like driving) all with one pair of glasses.

However, often people find making the jump to progressives difficult and you have to retrain how you look through your glasses depending on what kind of work and vision you require at a time. Some people find that the transition can make them feel nauseous or dizzy.

Anti-fatigue lenses work as a stepping stone into a full progressive. This lens provides accommodation for your distance and single-vision prescription but then also adds a small boost for reading and screen-time in the lower portion of the lens. This distinction is often more gradual than full
progressives, making the adjustment much easier.

Unlike a full reading prescription or an office style lens you will be able to function fully with your glasses on. You won’t have to remove them to drive and will be able to go through your day with a single pair of lenses.

Is Anti-Fatigue Something for You?

If you often suffer from eye strain, headaches or just feel tired and run down after a day of work and reading, anti-fatigue lenses might be an option for you.

Ask your optometrist or optician if an anti-fatigue lens is something that would work well for your prescription and lifestyle.

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