What are Transitions?

Transitions are a lens brand that use a photochromic technology to create a functional 2-in-1 lens. When your Transition lenses are exposed to UV light trillions of photochromic molecules within the lens begin to change structure. This reaction is what causes the lenses to darken to your chosen tint, serving as extra sun-light protection and then quickly fades back to clear when you come back indoors out of the UV light.

Which Transitions Lens Style is Best for You?

Signature Style Transition Lens

Transitions are available in a number of different style options. Their original design, the Signature style, is basic and functional, blocking 100% of UVA & UVB rays. This lens begins clear and remains that way while indoors and shaded from any UV light but promptly darkens as soon as you are outside in any level of UV light.

You will also notice that the level of darkness will depend on weather conditions. On dim days there will be only a slightly darker tint vs. a bright, sunny day where it’s at maximum darkness. The Signature style is available in three basic colours: Grey, Brown & Graphite Green. All of which are great options to compliment your frame!

Which Transitions Lens Style is Best for You?

XTRActive Transition Lens

Another style of Transition lens available is the XTRActive Transition lens. This is a great option for anyone with a light sensitivity. This lens will begin at a very slight tint in your chosen colour, and similar to the Signature style technology, will increase in darkness as it is exposed to more UV light.

XTRActive Transition lenses are also a good option for someone looking for their Transitions lens to go darker in the car. As your windshield already protects you from the majority of UV rays, in a standard Transition lens you will notice that it doesn’t transform to it’s full darkness. You will achieve a darker tint in the car with XTRActive lenses as it begins darker than their standard lens. These lenses are available in the same standard colours as the Signature series.

Transition Lenses for Style and Colour

Transitions is no longer built strictly for function. Released just this year are their new Style Colours, they offer a new, vibrant and refreshing look on Transitions. The new colours are:

  • Emerald Green – a more bright and rich version of their Graphite Green!
  • Sapphire – a bold and beautiful blue to compliment any frame!
  • Amethyst – a soft and soothing purple, very unique and flattering among lenses!
  • Amber – for a vintage vibe to the standard brown tint!

Transition Mirror Styles

Also released just this fall, is the Transition Mirror Styles. To compliment the sun protection feature already built into the technology, they have released five colours to personalize your lens with a flashy fashion mirror. These lenses begin as a slight fashion tint and then proceed as they are exposed to UV light to a full-coverage, mirrored sunglasses. The available colours in the mirrors are: Silver, Violet-Blue, Flash Gold, Blue-Green, and Copper.

No matter your style, Transitions has a lens for you!

*We also offer photochromic options from a few of our other labs; this technology is available to everyone and their different lens needs.

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