08 - 07 - 2015

Report on Digital Eye Strain

Wow- it’s amazing how¬†technology has affected our overall health and comfort. Fortunately, there are also technologies to help mitigate symptoms of Digital Eye Strain. SPEX By Ryan offers lenses designed to maximize all-day comfort and increase energy levels!

In-House Lense Cutting

September 22nd, 2022|Categories: Media|

When you have frames of all shapes and sizes, you need lenses of all shapes and sizes as well. Both SPEX by Ryan locations do in-house lense cutting, so that each pair of frames is customized to your needs, whether for aesthetic or functional purposes. We take ...

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A Highlight of Kirk & Kirk

September 12th, 2022|Categories: Media|

It's common for our customers to favour a brand. One of the most common brands that gets favoured is Kirk & Kirk. There's something distinctly Saskatchewan about Kirk & Kirk. We don't mean that they're flat and boring, because if you've been into the shop to view ...

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