31 - 10 - 2022

The Kuboraum Masquerade

Eyewear is about self expression to us.

Kuboraum takes this expression to the next level with their bold and inventive glasses.

But they’re not glasses, they’re masks!

This is the feeling Kuboraum tries to evoke with their styles. Accentuating the personality behind the wearer with a fresh statement.

So who are you?

Kuboraum Mask Saskatoon

Are you an unassuming mother of three with a fearless superheroine inside, ready to put on her mask and boldly save the day from danger?

Perhaps you’re a university student, nose buried in books until from dawn til dusk. But when the moon comes out and your mask goes on there’s a fierce beast that comes out.

Maybe you’re just a paper pusher from 9 to 5, but there’s a creative spark that ignites when you clock out. You don your mask and that creativity burns bright with a fiery glint in your eyes as you work on your next screenplay.

On Halloween, maybe your mask shows off something a little more sinister… But only for one night, right?

Kuboraum Frames SPEX by Ryan

The Kuboraum masquerade has been going on for 10 years now, and they’ve been expanding their selections and styles in unique ways you won’t find in any other brand.

Come try on a mask, see who you become!

Kuboraum Halloween

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