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11 Saskatoon Businesses to Check Out in Riversdale!

We love you Saskatoon!

The culture, the food, the people and our neighbors running businesses and shops in Riversdale.

Local business has had a rough few years, not just in Saskatoon, but everywhere in the world. It was amazing to see the support people gave to their local shops and outlets, and that support hasn’t stopped.

With safe and secure access to businesses, many shops in Riversdale are available to explore within walking distance of each other!

We’d like to give some props to some of our favorites.


Clothing & Print Shop in Riversdale

224 20th St W, Saskatoon, SK



If you’re in the market for some uniquely Saskatchewan apparel, look no further than Hardpressed.

Their own unique in house line of clothing and productions strives to draw inspiration from the community around them, creating a collection like no other.

You can be sure that all other brands they bring in are curated to be the highest quality and fit the aesthetic of Hardpressed.

Hometown Diner

Restaurant in Riversdale

210 20th Street West Saskatoon, SK

(306) 665-1565


If you’re looking for diner classics and comfort food, made from scratch with love and care, Hometown Diner is the place to go.

Each season Chef Cole Dobranski and his wonderful team will prepare seasonal creations made from locally sourced ingredients and suppliers.

They have pick up and delivery options too, which is a wonderful option now adays to keep everyone safe.

The Two Twenty

Shared Workspace in Riversdale

220 20th St W Saskatoon, SK

Phone Number: (306) 651-0510


Two Twenty Saskatoon

Looking for a great place to call your business’s home? Or looking for a killer venue space for an upcoming event?

The Two Twenty has got all of your needs covered. Located in the heart of Riversdale you’ll find a community of businesses that will fuel your creativity, productivity and passion for your business!

Creative spaces are tough to come by, and we’re happy that Saskatoon’s own Two Twenty brings that to Riversdale.

Hazelwood Clothing Company

Clothing Store in Riversdale

120 20th St W Saskatoon, SK

(306) 979-9922


Hazlewood Saskatoon

In the fall of 2015 Michaela Michael opened the Hazelwood Clothing Company – a vintage, second hand clothing and accessories shop that is so much more than a simple second hand shop.

It has a curated selection of wares that reflect all of the rural home and heritage native to Saskatoon and the land.

Hazlewood is a great addition to Riversdale not only as a trend setting shop with a unique flair, but as a representative of Saskatoon’s fashion culture. It’s not a surprise we recommend this one.

It is a beautiful stop to find some truly unique pieces for your closet and home!

Thrive Juice Co

Juice Bar in Riversdale

137 20th St W Saskatoon, SK

(306) 954-1104


Thrive Juice Saskatoon

Who says healthy has to be bland?

Thrive Juice Go is a frequent stop off when we want a spin on fresh, healthy treats and meals.

Thrive has high quality produce, and amazing craftsmanship put into all of the smoothies and food they prepare. 

Why not pop in for a drink, or two? Maybe some for the whole family.

Also available with delivery through Door Dash!


Restaurant in Riversdale

101 20th St W Saskatoon, SK

(306) 242-1104


Picaro Saskatoon

Who doesn’t love a good taco?

If you’re craving (self described “inauthentic”, but we can vouch for certified delicious) Latin + Mexican dishes, Picaro has you covered.

Combining Mexican flavours and inspirations with local ingredients, you will find a unique dining experience like no other in Saskatchewan!

We’re so glad they’re available for dine-in, take out, or delivery to fill all our taco cravings!

9 Mile Legacy

Brewery in Riversdale

229 20th St W Saskatoon, SK

(306) 373-2337


9 Mile Brewing Saskatoon

The Moens and Pedersons have been two interconnected families for a century, starting with their homesteads in SW Sask, located only 9 miles apart. In 2007, Shawn Moen and Garrett Pederson started testing out a variety of beer making and home brewing.

In 2014 they set their plan into motion and April 15, 2015 marked the day that the 9 Mile Legacy Brewing Co. opened its doors.

This year, amidst the turmoil of 2020, they marked and celebrated their 5 Year Anniversary – you can check out their celebration on their YouTube channel.

With the brewery opening up a Virtual Taproom, it’s easy to pick up something for yourself or even a Christmas gift.


Restaurant in Riversdale

101 20th St W Saskatoon, SK

(306) 955-0016


Cohens Saskatoon

Named after the legendary Morris Cohen, they serve elevated Canadian classic foods such as (menu was unavailable for ordering until they open online look up some burgers and stuff that they have lol) that are made with locally sourced ingredients. And of course the drinks aren’t left out – with over 50 bottles and 22 beers on draft sourced from the best that Saskatchewan, Canada and the world all over has to offer.

Cohen’s is one of our favorite places to get a delicious lunch with a pairing of great beer. With a unique spin on burgers, it’s an amazing eating experience.

Friendly staff, and a chique atmosphere makes this a must when deciding a dining experience on your downtown trip.

With recent events, you can always support them by ordering take out.

The Underground Café

Restaurant in Riversdale

430 20th St W Saskatoon, SK

(306) 652-3363


Underground Cafe Saskatoon

After discovering the perfect location in Saskatoon for a truly unique experience, and a love for coffee cultivated over three years spent abroad in Australia and New Zealand, owner Dallyn Guenther knew that The Underground Cafe would be special.

In January 2014 when Jordan Zakoor joined, he brought years of restaurant experience that elevated the coffee shop into the cafe you know and love today.

From serving beautiful breakfasts, to stunning lunches, amazing desserts and, of course, truly wonderful coffee, it’s truly an essential piece of Saskatoon food culture to check out.

Soul Paper

Paper & Stationary Store in Riversdale

118 20th St W Saskatoon, SK

(306) 373-2337


Soul Paper Saskatoon

Susan and Alexsandor Gallagher created a unique shopping experience at the heart of Saskatoon. With a background in graphic and interior design, they have a sharp eye for style and a love for paper products. To them, stationary is more than just words on a piece of paper, and like our philosophy at SPEX, they pride themselves in high quality products.

Saskatoon is lucky to have such an amazing, unique and fun store like Soul Paper. Check them out for your holiday wrapping or gift cards. Who knows? You’re more than likely to find something else there too!

Primal Pasta

Restaurant in Riversdale

423 20th St W Saskatoon, SK

(306) 974-8111


Primal Pasta Saskatoon

It’s awesome to see pasta inspired and influenced by the rich culture of Italy and brought to Saskatoon. Primal Pasta is serving up a taste of italian cuisine with hand made pasta using Saskatchewan heritage grains.

If you’re stopping by, Dining In is limited right now to keep everyone’s safety at the top of mind and reservations are recommended, but not required.

Primal Pasta is available for takeout, this is a great stop off for lunch when you’re downtown or for an amazing dinner in the evening.

There’s even more to see. Next time you stop by to check out some SPEX, please be sure to stay an extra hour or two to visit some of these shops and check out even more. We have one of the best walking districts in Saskatoon!

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