13 - 11 - 2015

A Lens is only as good as its coating… Hoya and why their finishes lead the pack

Alissa M. Hill

Common misconception is that glasses are made of glass… A number of years ago glass was in fact used in eyewear, but for a number of cons was ruled out by high grade plastic lenses. One of the benefits, and maybe the only things missed about glass is its tough exterior and resistance to scratching and scuffing.

It has been an industry wide uphill battle to create a coating for plastic lenses that can mimic this appeal of glass- cue Hoya.

Around 2010 Hoya made a bold statement… they announced they had engineered a coating that had a durable, scratch resistant, anti-reflective surface which could not only meet but outperform glass. A few years later their promise has lived up to expectation.

Click the link here to view lab testing on their lenses outperforming glass-


Hoya, is a vision care company that distributes prescription lenses to dispensaries across Canada. We pride ourselves in providing top of the line experience and material to our customers, and we are proud and thrilled to have Hoya as a lens choice at SPEX By Ryan.

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