23 - 11 - 2015

Are you a visionary? Barton Perreira

Alissa M. Hill

How do you create a visionary eyewear line? Starting with two top industry leaders such as Bill Barton and Patty Perriera isn’t a bad start…

Barton Perreira was officially launched in 2007, and soon after had an incredible impact in the fashion industry. These frames are meticulously sought over for the attention to classic Americano design, quality and vibrancy in simplicity.

Talented artisans, develop and carve passion using quality Japanese materials by hand. Due to the attentive detail and concentration put into each and every frame, qualities are limited making access to the line exclusive and high end. Owning a Barton Perreira is a treat not only to yourself but to your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who will surely be graced with it as an heirloom.

Muted browns, gradient neutrals, and unisex shapes/ sizes ensure there is a classic, unique piece in the collection to complement your style.

We are proud to announce our Barton Perriera representative is coming from Montreal to indulge you in the entire collection. This is an exclusive, and rare opportunity to not only have access to the entire line, but be able to place order right there.

Please join us for refreshments, mingling and shopping at SPEX By Ryan, Saturday November 28th 11-4pm.  

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