24 - 02 - 2015

Art For Your Face

Art for your face. That is what SPEX By Ryan is about.

The frame selection includes elements of any and all genres in fashion today. This allows you to be you- not everyone else. It also encourages you to dress your eyes according to the way you feel, where you are going, and what you are doing. Modern; retro; large; small; casual; elegant; bold; disappearing- they are all in style in their own right, and you can have them all. The brands carried by SPEX By Ryan all have their own story. They originate from places like Belgium, Denmark, Japan, Germany, Hungary, Austria, France, and even Toronto. Great care and attention is taken in designing and handcrafting these beautiful pieces of art. Many have unique traits such as Vinylize, which is known for their beautiful acetates with recycled vinyl records fused onto the fronts. Then there is BLAC, who are the very best at frames made completely out of carbon fibre, as well as their new series made with 3D printing technology . SPEX By Ryan is not your average eyewear store. SPEX By Ryan brings the creative and inspiring world of independent eyewear to Regina. These are the glasses your favourite movie stars and music artists wear. For many people with nice cars, great clothes and killer shoes, settling for bland, worn-out and ill-fitting glasses is far too common. It’s like running a marathon, only to quit just steps from the finish line. SPEX By Ryan can help you finish- with style.

Remember, the first thing anyone will see is your face. Do it justice and consult SPEX By Ryan. Ryan will take all of the stress out of the frame selection process and find a look that is forward thinking, yet appropriate for you. For Ryan at SPEX By Ryan, each face is an open canvas. He sees your face how others will see it, as opposed to you seeing that strange new image in the mirror that seems so different- this has worked for 22 years. Skilled opticians with both an eye for style and technical expertise are tough to find- most are simply order-takers, waiting for you to finish finding what you want, before writing it up (often without much consideration for the prescription and fit factors). If you have experienced this and are not enjoying your eyewear, SPEX By Ryan is excited to help you get on track.

For truly personalized service, call SPEX By Ryan at 306-584-SPEX (7739) and book an appointment (after hours appointments are available). You will have Ryan’s undivided attention and he can go over your complete prescription and lifestyle considerations, forever changing how you enjoy your eyewear!

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