23 - 03 - 2023

Behind the Scenes on a SPEX Commercial

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of an advertising campaign at SPEX by Ryan?

We were privileged to shoot a commercial with our friend Erin, a nurse based in Regina.

Erin killed it in front of the camera and she got the chance to talk about how she’s able to express her personality with her frames at work.

These commercial shoots don’t come quickly, and there’s a lot of discussion and pre production done in the background.

Ryan’s always been the big picture guy. He’s the captain that drives the creative ship.

Everything starts when one of his many ideas gets picked to become a reality.

It often starts by exploring a theme that is promoting our ideals and values at SPEX by Ryan, and combines it with some artistic flare that highlights our favorite fashions.

In the case of this campaign we wanted to highlight our most important value: The people that we serve.

We’ve helped a lot of people with eyewear through the years and that means we’ve got a list of awesome people with amazing stories to share.

Ryan wanted to highlight Erin in this specific campaign. She’s a repeat customer with an awesome style that she’s been able to maintain through unique challenges in her work as a nurse.

Most importantly, Erin’s kind of a big deal. She’ll shrug off any compliments we send her way, but we wanted to highlight Erin as one of our many heroes in healthcare!

After we organize the person we want to highlight, we get the creative team together to discuss the direction of the campaign with consideration to the individual we’re capturing.

We’ll prepare a few general questions that get reviewed by the team.

The people we’re highlighting are aware that they’re there to talk about their style and eyewear, but we don’t let them see the questions ahead of time.

We want the genuine reactions to the questions and the organic responses that come after and during the shoot, some questions may get added, removed or changed.

Sometimes we don’t even ask a question and we just let them tell the stories that are important to them.

It’s not a secret that SPEX by Ryan is a little obsessed with the visual side of our branding. We ARE all about fashion, you know?

Ryan himself is the root of this passion, being a photographer for decades who’s captured a multitude of subjects.

In that time he’s been able to turn the top floor of our Regina location into a killer photography studio and it easily becomes the venue for most of our campaigns.

After setting up lights and sound equipment, laying out cables, and setting up our cameras, we’re ready to shoot!

The filming and photo shoot don’t take long, we wouldn’t have fun if they dragged on.

Post production is the part that takes the longest, but that’s a story for another day.

We want to thank Erin once again for stopping by and helping us out!

Watch for the commercials online and on TV soon!

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