15 - 08 - 2017

Brand Profiles – Andy Wolf

One of our shining darlings, Andy Wolf’s penchant for taking conventional shapes and exaggerating them makes each unique frame perfect for the person looking to make a statement. Their company prides itself on making quality frames with a laid back familial vibe. They treat their clients and their vendors like they treat their 58 employees. As they say,

“Andy Wolf stands for unique glasses, handcrafted in Hartberg, Austria. It was founded by the three friends Andreas (Andy), Wolfgang (Wolf) and Katharina to produce classic and contemporary frames for individuals. In 2006, the three of them sat down to enjoy a meal of meat and fish from local meadows and waters, market-fresh vegetables and good Austrian wine from the kind of vintner you know personally.There was one question at that table: Why aren’t glasses made in such a personal, natural and familiar fashion?”

At Spex by Ryan, we try to tailor our frames for the personalities of each of our unique clients; Andy Wolf makes it easy for us with their architectural and contemporary pieces. With acetate sourced from Italy, and distinctive design, they hand-make each frame in Austria. Come and explore their collection and find a frame that suits your personality.

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