09 - 02 - 2023

Celebrating Stanley Kubrick with JMM’s 1980

It takes a truly unique artist to frame the world in a way that calls out our visceral emotions. Such is the response you get when you see Jack Torrance twisted face emerge through a broken bathroom door in The Shining, or Full Metal Jacket’s imposing and sterile barracks that were used to break down young men and turn them into killing machines.

Jacques Marie Mage - 1980 01

Jacques Marie Mage - 1980 03

Jacques Marie Mage - 1980 01

Jacques Marie Mage has released a limited line of frames based on what the timeless director Stanley Kubrick wore during his career and SPEX by Ryan is excited to have acquired the *1980* line. These classic aviator style frames evoke the nostalgia of the decade, and they are based on the frames the director wore when he was filming The Shining and Full Metal Jacket.

We asked the SPEX team what thier favorite Kubrick films are.

Ryan: “You can probably tell from my Halloween instagram post but I love The Shining”

Melissa: “Ohh! That’s a tough choice… I’d have to say it’s a toss up between Full Metal Jacket and The Shining.”

Bobbi: “MY favorite? Well The Shining of course!”

Jacques Marie Mage - 1980 09

Jacques Marie Mage - 1980 06

It’s pretty evident from our team that we share the inspiration Jaques Marie Mage had when they designed and crafted the *1980* line.

Classic aesthetic, expertly crafted and an eye for detail to rival the master director himself.

These frames are very limited worldwide, and we only have one in each store.

Come check them out before they’re gone!

Jacques Marie Mage - 1980 11

Now here’s a question, Saskatchewan. What are your favorite Stanley Kubrick films?


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