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Colours, colours colours – Blues, Greens, Metallics, Tortoise and more!

Colours, colours colours – Blues, Greens, Metallics, Tortoise and more!

Recently we talked about face shapes and frame styles, but another important part of choosing the right pair of frames is all of the many colour choices that you have, and it can sometimes feel overwhelming! But don’t worry, today we are going to break down some

There are three main things to consider when thinking about an eyeglass frame colour – your hair colour, eye colour and skin undertones. All three of these categories come down the undertone of the colour – does your hair, eyes or skin have warm, cool or neutral undertones?

What Are Undertones?

Warm undertones have yellow, peachy or golden undertones to them. Typically, if you have natural brown, red, strawberry blond or black hair with brown, amber or hazel eyes, you will find that your skin also has warm undertones.

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Cool undertones have pink, red or bluish undertones to them. Examples of cool hair is blonde, brown or black that have blue, silver, violet or ashy undertones to them. You’ll find eyes that are blue, green or grey.

Neutral undertones refers to a mix of both cool and warm tones, and if you find it hard to categorize yourself as one or the other, you’re likely a neutral mix.

Finding Your Undertones

If you’re still having trouble a few simple ways to tell what your undertone are:

The vein test – look at your veins inside your wrist. If they look more blue, you are likely have cool undertone, whereas if they look green you likely have warm undertones.

The jewellery test – hold up both silver and gold jewellery to your skin, and see which one makes your skin look more vibrant (not whichever one you like more personally). Cool tones will look more radiant with silver and warm undertones will glow with gold.

The Neutrals test – does your skin tend to look more flattering in bright whites and darks, or do you look better in off-whites, ivories and tan shades? If it’s the former you’re more likely to be cool and the latter warm.

Back to glasses!

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Colours That Pop With Your Undertones

So what does it mean now that you’ve figured out if you have cool, warm or neutral undertones? Well, there are generally recommended colours that tend to flatter you more depending if you’re warm or cool (and you lucky neutrals get your pick!).

Warm colouring flattering colours tend to be: peach, orange, corals, camel, khaki, gold, copper, off-white, bright reds, warm blues and lighter tortoise.

Examples of cool coloring hues are black, brown, blues and blue-gray, plum, magenta, pink, jade, silver and darker tortoise.

But of course, with all that said, this is just a guide that’s meant to get you started or give you some ideas. You’re best course of action is to come into the Spex store and start trying all these different colours for yourself – you never know what you’ll fall in love with!

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