03 - 11 - 2015

Darn, I don’t have a prescription! … calling all those with good vision…

By. Alissa M. Hill

I’m not really sure who died and made the social executive decision that only those with prescriptions could have eyewear. I have a variety of people come in consistently who have said they wish they had a mild prescription so they could wear glasses.

Which is sort of like wishing you could break your wrist so you don’t have to go to work… How silly is that! Fear not there is a simpler, and safer answer…

Ryan and I are here at SPEX to tell all you 20/20’s out there to come visit us! I want you all to think of eyewear from now on just like a scarf, purse, shoe, gloves etc. No you’re not a fraud or a fake if you wear glasses but don’t “technically” need them. Are you a fraud if you wear a scarf when it’s not snowing? No. You wear it because it’s a fashion statement, same with frames!

Being told you need glasses a few years ago used to be a death sentence for most people, back in the days where everyone had about 2 frame options, and 4 eyes was a common slang term.

With an abundance of color, styles, and material it is possible to find a frame that can actually compliment your face and features while giving yourself a unique way to express yourself (sort of like makeup for women, or beard styles for men).

I have had the opportunity to explain this phenomenon with a variety of clients and happily set them up with a gorgeous frame – you’d never think to ask these people: “Hey do you actually neeeed glasses?” rather people come up and tell them how killer their frames are, as they reply, “Thanks! I got them at SPEX By Ryan!”

Here’s is our friend handsome Dipesh rocking some awesome Matsuda frames with clip on’s … by the way, he doesn’t have a prescription!!

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