27 - 10 - 2015

Driving Vision Enhanced With New Technology

Drivesafe lenses made by Zeiss

By Alissa M. Hill

Driving is an already hazardous activity that requires optimal optical range and focus. Besides the office, home and friendly neighborhood bar (Leopold’s), all of us spend a great portion of our time behind the wheel each day.

Saskatchewan has varying weather conditions that effect our vision dramatically when operating a vehicle – low light conditions such as fog, snow and night time can impair driving making it increasingly dangerous, as well as uncomfortable.

It’s time to let your lens do the work.

The unique challenge to the need of a driver is the desire for increased width for distance, with midrange ability to read vehicle instruments.

“Zeiss conducted an eye-tracking study with automotive research institute FKFS* at Germany’s University of Stuttgart. This study precisely mapped the actual visual behavior of drivers to determine what areas of vision were needed the most.”

Technology developed by Zeiss called Luminance Design accounts for the size of your pupil aka (how much light your eye takes in at a time) which therefore effects the quality of the image you see.

For example, at night your pupil size increases to bring as much light into the eye as possible to give you the most optimal image, but most lenses do not consider this change in pupil size where the drive safe DOES – making that trek out to the hockey arena for Monday night practice a lot less intimidating at -50 blizzardy conditions.. (Winter is coming folks…)

We’re entering the twilight zone… Maybe just pull over ‘cause you can’t see properly.

On top of all these great lens features, Zeiss went the extra mile and developed a new coating specifically targeted at night time glare. Say goodbye to contrast sensitivity from oncoming headlights, as well as that pesky fuzzy visibility.

Who is this lens best suited for?

Ideally anyone who finds major discomfort behind the wheel, and people who drive and travel frequently. Due to the fact that this is an added benefit to the already stellar daily progressive or single vision lenses, Drive Safe could be a great option for anyone.

For more information, go to http://www.zeiss.ca/vision-care/en_ca/products/eyeglass-lenses/drivesafe-lenses.html


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