23 - 12 - 2015

Get Gift Cards to SPEX without even leaving your home

Recently SPEX By Ryan has joined up with AnyCard.ca

This website is an online catelog of local businesses, that you can buy gift cards from and send via email, text, or facebook! Gone are the days of fighting the crowds for Christmas shopping. This is also the perfect solution for last minute shoppers – as the gift cards never run out and they are quick and easy to send. Even if our physical store is closed – during holiday hours, or after 5oclock during regular hours – you can STILL purchase and send a giftcard.

Spend a little or a lot – because its all online it makes using the gift cards really easy. For example:  If you send your mom a gift card to SPEX for 300.00, and she comes in and uses 200.00 once the transaction is complete it automatically updates on her e-card and in our system. (It will show she now has 100.00 left to spend)

Very similar to traditional gift cards without all the hassle, plus you can never loose your gift card as you can effortlessly access it from your cellphone.

Visit anycard.ca/store/spexbyryan to grab a egift card for someone special this Holiday season!!

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