18 - 11 - 2015

Good Shopping in Regina.. No Way!

Alissa M. Hill

Coming from Toronto a lot of people’s first reaction is, “Why did you come here?” It always seems the major concern they would bring up is being deprived of excellent shopping – as the stigma would be that Regina, and Saskatchewan in general, does not carry the big box stores that are prevalent in Toronto and larger centres.

Though, I never really have developed the shopping woes as assumed. The reason for this is though we may lack main stream names, we have an abundance of developed and growing local businesses that provide next level products that may not even have a huge name in large city centres but, are underground, exclusive, high end, quality merchandise. Access to this sort of market through a variety of industries in Saskatchewan provides us with a unique and worldly shopping experience that I sometimes found more difficult to obtain in Toronto.

Another fantastic benefit of shopping local is quality control of customer service. In chain stores, and restaurants sometimes the foundation, or mission statement of service is lost in the shuffle. Small businesses tend to be run by that one, brilliant mind whose passion shaped the atmosphere with training and choice staffing to guarantee their vision is lead in the appropriate and consistent manner.

(by the way shopping local isn’t just about retail, it’s about services too!)

Being a local business at SPEX By Ryan, we have had the immense opportunity to collaborate with a number of local business’s.

Recently, for our 2015 Winter campaign we had the privilege of working with brilliant creative soul, Sara Lindsay, who provided her outstanding makeup skills, positively inspiring personality, and great work ethic to our shoot.

Her makeup studio, (located on Hill Ave in Regina) provides quality service in a number of different aesthetic realms, while their merchandise is unique, and cutting edge.

Ally Punga stylist at Daniel Christopher Aveda Lifestyle Salon, (located off Gordon Rd. in Regina) brought a youthful and dynamic perspective. Through her vast knowledge base of skillset and product knowledge she developed unique, artistic styles that served as representations of her confident creative drive.

A killer wardrobe was provided by Stella and Sway Boutique, and fantastic lighting and artistry by Scott Goodwill on photography who fully captured and embodied the vision.

Many of our clients, friends, family, and people who we do business with are either an owner of/work for a local business, or are tied to local business in some form. (There is so many amazing people could write forever!)

This community is supportive, exciting and relevant. Our shopping doesn’t suck, and it’s certainly not limited. Next time you need to grab a new lip colour, blazer, pair of shoes, or sunglasses consider small businesses – more often than not you’re guaranteed an unforgettable customer experience, and introduction to lifetime products.

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