22 - 09 - 2022

In-House Lens Cutting

When you have frames of all shapes and sizes, you need lenses of all shapes and sizes as well.

Both SPEX by Ryan locations do in-house lens cutting, so that each pair of frames is customized to your needs, whether for aesthetic or functional purposes.

We take considerations with every pair of frames to ensure the lenses are cut and fixed for optimum comfort, fit and usability.

Eyewear can be used to correct multiple vision issues, and there are many different lenses that are designed to fulfill the corrective needs of the wearer. We can account for those too. Whether it’s single vision or progressive lenses, or lenses with different concave or thicknesses, we do our best to fill every frame with what’s best for the wearer!

It’s important to keep in mind that because of the wide variance of shapes and designs we carry in our stores, there may be some frames that will be restricted on what types of lenses we can safely put in.

If you don’t have a pair of SPEX by want to relens your frames, there’s a good chance we can do that too! Bring them into our store for our experts to take a look at.

Don’t forget about our relensing special as well. If you purchase lenses for one frame, you get 50% off the second lenses as well. Some restrictions may apply so be sure to check in with us on your lensing needs.

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