19 - 11 - 2015

Lead with Luck- Entourage of 7

Established in 2007 in the heart of Venice beach, a group of 7 industry leaders joined forces to create a luxury eyewear company, Entourage of 7.

These traditionally stunning designs were formed from the cool vibes of Cali heritage, coupled with cutting edge technology and finesse. Manufactured in both Japan and Denmark, quality is present in their Japanese hinges with double rivets, high end, tumbled zyl acetate frames and laser cut titanium.

The easy going LA culture has been perfectly translated into the frames, making the variety of frames a simple, outstanding choice for even the pickiest optical shopper. Jakob Talbo, lead designer and part of the 7 original partners, has put meticulous thought into the detail of frame development and growth over the last few years – including the 10k gold accents.

Simplicity, without being boring, quality without over stating, reliability in consistency are all main factors that our customers love shopping our Entourage of 7 collection at SPEX By Ryan. We just received a large order to replenish, and update our frames options in this label that we are very excited about. Stop by for a visit and to check out the latest from this phenomenal collection.

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