24 - 11 - 2015

Money you could be losing out on…

Tis’ the Season to Look your Best!

There isn’t a busier time of year for events, celebrations, and get-together’s. Now is really the time to look your best! The salons are booked, the dress shops are hopping. Why wait till the New Year to get new glasses?

Glasses, much like a new haircut, can completely change, and compliment your look for the holiday season. Common to retail scenarios the best selection is before Christmas, before things have been picked over, and cleared out. Another great reason it’s a good time to pick out a new pair of SPEX is that most eye care plans expire at the end of the year – this is money you could just lose out on!

@ SPEX By Ryan we make sure to target all new stock orders to October/ November to cater to those using up their eye care plans, and getting ready for the holiday season festivities.

Some of the new lines, or top-ups include but aren’t limited to:



Andy Wolf

Entourage of 7

Harry Larry’s

Thierry Lasry…

… many more…

This includes expansion in the collections through different styles in both optical and sunglasses.

Why wait, when you have stock options, and eye care money in your favour! Don’t forget to treat your eyes this Holiday Season.

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