25 - 04 - 2016

Not your Dad’s transitions

When you think of transition lenses, I know exactly what you’re picturing. Admittedly, I used to think it too and I would have never even considered putting them in my frames. But when I started at SPEX, I got both transitions and ant-fatigue lenses for my new frame and I have to say that they are a serious treat. Really, really.

I, and many of the people I talk to every day, sacrifice comfort just to not have to spend money on prescription sunglasses. I would rather have squinted myself into a migraine than spend a few hundred dollars. But the truth is that for many of us a few hundred dollars is a lot of money, and that’s where I think transitions are especially wonderful. Transitions are almost like cheating the system; you get two necessary things in one frame. So while sunglasses are definitely still a good option, transitions will help you protect your eyes while you save up your pennies. For those who don’t mind spending some extra money, the transitions lens makes a great in-between, good for day to day activity, constant inside outside, and makes your frames that much more versatile. You can choose between your clear frames, transition frames, or sunglasses depending on the kind of day you’re going to have. Whichever you choose, the transitions lens is  super fashionable, the slight tint in half light looks amazing. The colour you choose, either green, brown, or grey, compliment your frame.

The anti-fatigue lenses take away any eyestrain you might get from doing close up activities (like reading) while wearing your glasses; I find it particularly great for     reading in bed. The good thing is that unlike progressive lenses, you really hardly even notice the addition of the prescription. It’s very subtle, but also so very helpful.

Together the anti-fatigue and the transitions lens fit your lifestyle and protect your eyes. I have really enjoyed having both of them, especially since I don’t own prescription sunglasses. I only wish I had the anti-fatigues lens in University because they would have made my studying so much easier on my eyes. The great thing about SPEX is that you’re never stuck, and if you hate your lenses we can help you get into something better, although I don’t think you’ll be having any problems! Consider your lifestyle and bring it up when you buy your next frame so that we can fit you with the perfect lens.

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