07 - 12 - 2018

November 2018 Chrome Hearts Wrap Up

This past week we Chrome Hearts in from LA to help us host a pop-up event here at SPEX!

Chrome Hearts is a brand that does a bit of everything – from leather clothing, to furniture, to gold and silver jewelry, and of course eyewear, you’ll find a brand that has a distinct look and feel. Owners Richard and Laurie Lynn Stark take their inspiration when creating their looks from everything that they love – from Los Angeles to world inspired themes to family. Because of this, Chrome Hearts offers a unique style that you’re not going to find from anywhere else.

Chrome Hearts Sunglasses Regina

A unique pair of frames that we looked at was a pair named “Givenhead”. With temples made of curly maple wood AKA “Barnwood”, these frames stood out from all of the plastic and metal frames. They have eight to ten layers of wood, and are finished with seven layers piano varnish. They had a sleek and polished look to them that are unlike anything else!

We can’t finish this write up without mentioning the diamond frames. These beautiful inlayed diamonds add bling and sparkle to the gold plated motif. The Japanese and Italian acetate frames are tumbled polished for 72 hours, to which leaves an effect of the plastic having an almost wet looking sheen. Truly these frames are a sight to behold!

Unique Eyewear Regina

These were only a few of the unique frames that Chrome Hearts boasts. Every single frame has something that makes it stand out from the ordinary. The use of sterling silver, gold, wood and diamonds as materials are able to lend to the creation of truly stunning frames. There is a level and attention to detail that goes into each one of the frames, and you can feel the love and care that is put into each and every design.

If you missed the event – don’t fear! Come down to SPEX and chat with Ryan and the gang about Chrome Hearts and come see what this brand has to offer you!

Men's eyewear Regina

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