08 - 06 - 2016

Off The Grid- Sask Fashion Week full set!

Its finally here- the full video of Off The Grid and our Sask Fashion Week runway set- Enjoy!


Many many thanks to all of those involved in this project!

Scott Goodwill- photography/videography

Alan Yuen- photography/videography

Logan Seidlik- creative consultant

Kayla Deics- hair

Sara Lindsay- makeup

Nathan Elliot- creative consultant

Taylor Hudema- actress/ wardrobe/ creative consultant/ runway coordinator

Wanda Hudson- location and hospitality (Coderre Bar)

Fresh and Sweet- catering

John & Kathleen Bower- actors and convertable car source

Edith Skeard- runway coordinator

Tara Wolters- runway assistant/ eyewear wardrobe consultant

Jennifer Bellefleur- actress/ runway model

Braxton Thomas- actor/ runway model

Jamie Kozak- actress/ runwaymodel

Lana Ricci- actress/ runway model

Carissa Bens- actress/ runway model

David Waller- actor/ runway model

Paige Klassen- runway model

Laila Sather- runway model

Jason Kwasnicia- runway model

Haley Reoch- runway model

Eyewear featured: Andy Wolf, Dita, Matsuda, Rapp, Theo, Thom Browne, Kirk & Kirk

Accessories featured: Turchin Jewelry, Filson watches, Briston watches

Many thanks to Year of the Ram for supplying our models with beautiful lingerie for Sask Fashion Week, along with The Hotel Saskatchewan for the robes, and Coda/Cade Clothing, Colin O’Brian, and RW & Co. for the footwear. We really appreciate you helping us make them look great!

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