16 - 04 - 2024

On-Site Lens Edging at SPEX by Ryan

We deal with a lot of weird frames.

They’re cool, but they’re weird.

That’s why we love them, though.

Special frames like ours comes with some challenges. The contours of the lenses provided don’t quite fit the frames. Sometimes they may look a bit off if you have thicker lenses, progressive lenses, or anything else that make it difficult to fit into frames.

But we’re SPEX by Ryan. We never back down from a challenge.

When it comes to making sure your frames fit properly, we make sure they’re getting the VIP treatment as much as our customers are.

What does that mean? It means that every frame has lenses that are edged on site and cut to fit into your frames. On-site edging is available at both locations as a complimentary part of buying frames from us!

It’s hard work, it takes a lot of expertise and care, but we love it.

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