07 - 07 - 2015

Product Review- Kaenon Clarke

Ryan (that’s me) of SPEX By Ryan recently had a chance to field-test the new Clarke by Kaenon, of Newport Beach, California. This model is from the Black Label collection and is finished matte black with black mirrored lenses.

The frame is made from the incredibly lightweight and flexible TR-90 material and includes recessed Variflex nosepads for enhanced grip and comfort. I have a large head and this is one of the most comfortable frames I have worn. It didn’t budge despite driving the boat on a breezy day. Many times, I forgot I was wearing them.

The lenses are made from Kaenon’s proprietary SR-91 material, offering a lightweight, durable, and impact resistant lens with crystal-clear optics. The rear-sided anti-reflective coating eliminates any glare from behind, while the front-sided mirror reflects extra glare away from the lens. The real magic lies in the polarization- I cannot believe how incredible the optics are. At all angles, my vision was razor-sharp. The light conditions were quite variable, from cloudy to extremely bright, and the Kaenon’s performed exceptionally well for all of them. I have worn many polarized lenses in my life, and these were tops by far.

I highly recommend the Clarke, and would encourage anybody to explore the entire Kaenon collection for a style to your liking. It is a refreshing, independent brand that alllows for individuality and increased quality. SPEX By Ryan carries a large selection of Kaenon styles for men and women, in large and small fits. Prescription Kaenon lenses are available and can be facilitated at SPEX BY Ryan.

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