14 - 05 - 2015

Relieve Digital Eye Strain and Delay Progressive Lenses

SPEX BY Ryan not only specializes in the coolest and best in fine eyewear, but is also the source for the latest in digital lens technologies.

An exciting new hybrid Lens technology is providing a solution to many people between the ages of 25-50.

Suffering digital eye strain- or starting to notice near vision issues? This technology has the ability to take the load off of your eyes and relieve the mounting pressure every day, helping you feel better, giving you more energy.

This solution is great for anyone who does extensive near work. The usual situation we all think about is staring at our mobile devices or computers for prolonged periods.  It also can really help those in other fields, such as hair stylists, nail artists, food industry servers and kitchen personel, etc.

This is NOT a progressive lens! It is a single vision design, with LESS distance at the bottom half, relaxing the focusing system at near objects, allowing for a quicker and more comfortable transition back to looking at distance.

This is also a great opportunity for emerging presbyopes (those who have a near reading correction) to ease in to progressives later on, and with greater success. Many golfers have really enjoyed it as they are given much more of their periphery back, while still being able to see the scorecard and smartphone.

One does not require a reading prescription to benefit from this- that is the great part about it.

SPEX By Ryan offers this technology from a few lens manufacturers, including ZEISS, who offers incredible customized, high-definition properties, for the absolute best, most relaxing all day vision.

Download the Digital Eye Strain Test by Zeiss at the App Store and see how you are affected.  Contact SPEX By Ryan for a consultation- this may be the solution you never knew existed!

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