10 - 06 - 2019

Saskatchewan Fashion Week Retrospective

SPEX by Ryan is hit the stage at Saskatchewan Fashion Week once again this year. For the 4th year our models graced the runway, bringing you all the latest fashions in eyewear that we have to offer you. We’ve been hard at work to bring you not only the best, fashion forward frames and glasses but a great new video that kicked off our 2019 runway show!

For the past four years we’ve been proud to be apart of the Regina fashion culture and scene as part of fashion week. And although this was the final year for the SK Fashion Week we are still just as grateful and appreciative that we could come together with all of the Regina fashion icons, stylists, models and everyone else involved to be a part of this amazing event.

Over the years we’ve tried our best to bring you creative videos to introduce our style and themes. Although Sask Fashion Week might be done, we wanted to take some time to look back at the great times that we’ve had creating videos for our runway shows.

It all started in 2016 when we headed out to rural Saskatchewan and filmed a road trip between two partners. After their car breaks down, they hitch a ride to small town SK and in the morning they leave to hit the stage. Our models made a big splash in sleepwear, bathrobes and sexy frames.

In 2017 we threw a party and invited you all along with us to tour the loft, be a part of a wild night and show of some great frames while we were at it. Done in one long shot we timed out our actors and models to create a cohesive story from start to finish. From the party to the runway and everything in between, we had an amazing time creating this video for you.

Last year in 2018 we saw the arrival of the SPEXI as our cab driver picked up his fares and taxied them around town, showing off some killer eyewear while he was at it. Our driver crashes the party at the SPEX Garage before “borrowing” a motorbike and making off into the night and onto the runway.

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