14 - 02 - 2023

Try The Sexy Librarian Look for Valentine’s Day

There is something undeniably sexy about the classic librarian look – the bun, the glasses, the tailored blouse, pencil skirt and black pumps.

We might be biased here, but the glasses it’s the glasses that can really sell the bookish babe fantasy.

Whether you’re looking for a hint of sexiness or something bold and daring, the right pair of glasses can take the sexy librarian look to a whole new level.

There are a lot of great styles, colours and shapes to compliment every face type and whatever outfit suits your nerdy alter ego.

It doesn’t take much, just a change of wardrobe to something scholarly. You can base it off your own wardrobe!

If you go cute and colourful, you can pull of Zooey Deschanel’s Jessica Day from New Girl.

Or go with a vintage throwback like The Mummy’s Egyptologist Evelyn, played by Rachel Weisz.

And I’m sure you can think of a dozen other actresses who pulled off the sexy nerd look.

Finally, don’t be afraid to accessorize with a pair of unassuming earrings or a long necklace.

If you really want to drive your partner wild, tap a pen to your lip.

Just don’t get ink on your mouth while lost in your provocative pensive pondering.

So if you’re looking to add a bit of nerdy sizzle, consider using your glasses in a fun way, getting a pair of glasses and embracing your inner librarian.

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