07 - 12 - 2018

SPEX and the 2018 Vision Expo

Big things CAN happen in our little city! Our desire and passion for unique, independent eyewear, with a flare for personalized, caring service has resonated with YOU, our clients, family and friends, and has helped SPEX grow immensely every year.

This Spring, we were recognized globally by VISION EXPO in New York as an OPTImum Independent Retailer of the Year FINALIST.

Thousands from around the world visit Vision Expo every year, looking to find the latest in fashion, innovation, and inspiration to bring home to their clients.

SPEX by Ryan Award winning GlassesNever camera shy, Ryan never stops at a chance to talk about frames.

We are humbled by this and are fortunate to do what we love- bringing the world’s best Indie eyewear and lens technology to Regina over and over.

The trophy arrived today with huge thanks to Tarrence Lackran, James Spina, Christian Roth, and Vision Expo; our team of Jill, Edie, and Jason; and of course YOU for making this happen! We are excited to keep elevating the eyewear game in this province- stay tuned for MORE!!!

Award Winning Best Glasses in Regina

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