06 - 11 - 2018

SPEX is getting Sexy in Saskatoon

We are headed up to Saskatoon on Friday, November 9th (that’s this Friday!) and teaming up with Beneath it All Lingerie to bring you a unique pop up experience! From head to toe, and everything underneath and in between we will have you covered to get you looking and feeling great!

Make sure you stop on by Beneath it All Lingerie anytime from 12:00pm to 7:00pm – our experts will great you and take you through a one of a kind experience!

Sexy, smart and stylish glasses

SPEX has always been about making sure our customers are able to express themselves through fashionable glasses and eyewear, and we want to extend that feeling into all parts of your life and what you wear. Which is why we think that teaming up with Beneath it All Lingerie is such a great fit! They have been a staple of Saskatoon’s shopping scene for many years and offer the same quality of service, attention to detail and customer care that you’ve come to know from us here at SPEX.

That’s what makes this partnership with Beneath it All Lingerie such a thrilling and unique experience!

Marlies | Dekkers’ “Space Odyssey” in Chillipepper

SPEX and lingerie, what could be better?

Both of our shops experts will be on site to answer any questions that you may have – such as worried that your stigmatism will limit your eyewear selection? SPEX by Ryan offers custom lens cutting for any level of astigmatism, so you’re sure to leave with the frame you fell in love with! Got a question about the proper sizing and fit of your bra? Beneath it all will be there for you! Our experts will be on hand to answer such questions and anything else you might have to ask!

Find the right frames

We will help you mix and match everything from your frames to lingerie and we are sure you will leave feeling great about your new sense of style and you! Our passion is fashion and helping you find just what you’re looking for – even if you don’t know it yet yourself!

What about the guys?

Don’t worry guys, we’ve got something for you too. We’re bringing frames for everyone. There’s even a selection of fashionable sunglasses for those who don’t need prescriptions to check out too.

Ladies, bring your husbands by, they won’t regret it.

So come by Beneath it All Lingerie this Friday to check out the dynamic duo that is SPEX by Ryan and Beneath it All Lingerie – we are sure you will love it!

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