05 - 11 - 2019

SPEX Subscription Service

Looking for a new pair of glasses, but afraid that the price will dent your bank account? Worry no longer, as SPEX by Ryan has come up with the perfect solution to ease the pain of putting up money upfront and leave you looking stellar in a new pair of stunning frames.

Introducing the SPEX Subscription Service – instead of a lump sum payment at time of purchase, we will set up an affordable monthly payment plan that will let you walk away with a new (or two or three!) pair of glasses.

Have a change of plans and want to pay off your frames early? Finish your payments off whenever you like with no payout fees or penalties. Or need to renew your payment plan for another year or two? Just as simple – renew and keep paying your installments just as before!

Here’s just a few examples

Cheap Glasses Regina

$29 Monthly

$38 Monthly

$63 Monthly

$49 Monthly

$51 Monthly

$41 Monthly

$41 Monthly

$43 Monthly

Our favorite part about the subscription plan is the mix and match. On select pairs of glasses, we are able to offer discounts when you buy multiple frames. That means you won’t have to leave SPEX without that second pair you were looking at, or treat yourself to some sunglasses too.

Talk to one of our specialists in store to find out more.

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