08 - 04 - 2019

Spring, Allergies and Your Shades

Spring has officially sprung here in Regina and that means we will hopefully be seeing some sunnier and warmer days in our future. But while you might be itching to finally be able to stretch your legs walking through Wascana Park again, your eyes might be getting hit with an itch of their own – allergies.

Yes, spring is in the air and so too is the dust, dirt and debris left over from winter and the pollen spores are starting to fill the air once again. Allergies can leave you with itchy, red, watering eyes that leave you irritated and unable to go about your day.

Sunglasses Regina Allergies

But did you know that something as simple as putting on a pair of sunglasses can help to alleviate your symptoms?

It’s true! You’re probably already aware about the importance of wearing sunglasses outside and how important it is that they block the sun’s UV rays and protect your eyes. (If you haven’t heard about this awesome property of sunglasses, check out some of our blogs to learn more!). But not only are sunglasses shields for harmful rays and light, they can help block and protect your eyes from allergens and irritants.

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Sunglasses of any size can help reduce your eye contact with allergens which will help to reduce your symptoms. The larger the frame and the more your eye is covered the better job they will do at reducing your symptoms, but any lens and frame in front of your eyes will help at least somewhat. This includes glasses or any sort of frame that gives a shield to your eyes (but sunglasses give you the added UV protection when outside).

So if you regularly suffer from allergies stop by SPEX and we will get you fitted with some awesome frames and help make your spring go a little more smoothly.

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