15 - 11 - 2018

Sunglasses in Snow

Sunglasses in Snow It’s that time again – time for another SPEX Education! In the past we’ve talked about UV rays, the dangers that they pose for your eyes and the importance of sunglasses.

But as we head into the cloudy days of Autumn and then the snows of Winter, I bet you’re all thinking your days of sunglasses and fun on the beach are long behind you! Well, we’re here today to tell you that you’re only partly correct. While the days at the lake might be over, the time for wearing sunglasses has not passed. In fact, it might even be more important to wear sunglasses in during the cold, snowy days to come.

There are a couple reasons for this – first of all, you actually face double exposure to the UV rays in the wintertime.

Not only do the sun’s rays affect you directly, but they are also reflected back up to you and your eyes from the snow.

Winter Sunglasses Regina

This means you can be hit with twice the amount of UV rays, making sunglasses all the more important!

Another important feature of sunglasses is the glare reduction that they give your eyes. In the winter, you are battling against the ice and snow causing massive glare in your vision.

Sunglasses will keep you seeing without constantly squinting, and keep you safer driving, riding snowmobiles, skiing or any other winter activity you want to partake in!

Last talking point for today is the protection from the elements that sunglasses will give your eyes!

Sunglasses in Winter Regina

Here in Saskatchewan we can have huge winds, which will bring dust, debris, snow, ice and any other matter of things.

Sunglasses will give your eyes a protective barrier from anything our weather can throw at you! So make sure to come down to SPEX today and get outfitted with a pair of sunglasses fit for all your winter activities!

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