30 - 10 - 2015

The Devil in the Detail- Andy Wolf Eyewear

“The Devil in the Detail” – Andy Wolf Eyewear

By Alissa M. Hill

A few thousand kilometers away, approx. 50 people, 90 steps, goes into your handmade, smart and unique Andy Wolf frame.

What’s a better way to follow your passion, then with friends? That’s exactly how Andy Wolf was born! Three friends, Andreas (Andy), Wolfgang (Wolf) and Katharina bound together to combine quality material with innovative shapes, colors and styles that are both personal and natural.

A company ignited by friendship flooded over into their relationship with clientele, they pride themselves in first hand interaction and customer quality control, (meaning they handle business on an exceptionally efficient business end, while being approachable enough to enjoy a glass of wine with!) Which is one of the many reasons we love to carry their product at SPEX By Ryan, the other reason being “The Devil in the Detail.”

I swear there is no better feeling than being able to offer a client a handmade, work of art for their face that you know for a fact is going to last them years longer than mass-manufactured licensed brands.

Variety in geometries (cat eye, round, oval, square ext.), color’s (neutrals, electric, transparent) and materials (metals, acetate), makes Andy Wolf a highly outstanding, and versatile choice for any client. These frames go under rigorous, and I mean brutal scrutiny before they are shipped to us to ensure quality control.

Only the top of the line Austrian material goes into your frame, (minus the acetate, which they source from Italy for the highest quality).

Did I mention these frames retail at SPEX By Ryan for between, $430.00 and $500.00? That is unreal value when you consider the time, and dedication it took to craft, inspect and ship – let alone the length of time you will have and love your frame.

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