11 - 01 - 2016

The Timeless Craft of Dita Eyewear

Golden Age x Industrial Revolution .. Notions of Dita Eyewear.

When a client comes in seeking a classic, yet edgy and glamorous look.. Dita is one of the first collections we reach for. Founded by John Juniper and Jeff Solorio in Los Angeles 1995, their philosophy of hand crafted details redefined the idea of luxury eyewear. Some frames consist of 41 custome crafted parts; they are committed to quality, fit, feel and style, resulting in long lasting frames that never go out of trend. Dita is only available at luxury stores and optical boutiques, which makes them exclusive and unique! (It’s very exciting to provide access to this line in Saskatchewan!)

One of the most interesting parts about Dita is the process of producing the frames, one frame can go through over 320 production steps over the course of 8 months! A common comment from customers who try our Dita frames is that you can feel the quality, which make these frames a great option for people who have a tendance to be overly tough on their glasses.

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