18 - 12 - 2023

The Week Before SPEXmas


‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the store.
All the SPEX frames were exciting and none were a bore.

The SPEX shirts & sweaters were hung on racks with care
in hopes that they’d become a new outfit to wear.

The glasses were nestled all snug in their drawers
To await someone who wants their eyewear to be more.

It was cold in Regina, but that was the norm,
At -10 with no wind, Saskies think it quite warm.

The shutters are drawn, the door is unlocked,
Open sign switched on, for it was now 10 o’clock.

When at the front door arose such a clatter.
With the stomp of big boots, not pitter patter.

There stood a big jolly man, all dressed in red,
with a bit of white trim, and a hat on his head.

He shook off the cold, as he looked at full shelves,
whispered, “So many glasses, they’ve got busy elves!”

Ryan said “Hey there, welcome to SPEX by Ryan.
Let me tell you about the glasses you’re eyein’!”

The big man was ushered in, shown all the eyewear,
So many cool shapes and styles, he needed a pair.

His smile grew, behind a bushy white beard.
He loved the variety. Contemporary to weird!

Ryan brought out so many frames for the man to check out,
and with each pair he produced he announced with a shout.

“Try Ahlem, Kirk & Kirk, Jacques Marie Mage
Lindberg, or Dita or try Kuboraum!
There are so many SPEX to explore and try on”

“Those are perfect!” said Ryan “They fit great on your face!
The shape suits you well, and they’re evenly spaced”

“We’ll get this all sorted, lenses and frames.
To finish this order, I’ll need a name.”

The man nodded and handed Ryan a card.
The business, Courier, the name, Santa Claus.

Ryan was surprised, the man brought out his wallet.
“It’s on the house, Mr Clause. Don’t worry I got it.”

“No need to do that.” The man gave reassurance.
“At the North Pole, we’ve got great insurance!”

They both shared a laugh, as the order processed.
Ryan said, “In a week’s time you’ll be looking your best!”

“Thank you Ryan!” Said Santa as he was shown to the door.
“I had a wonderful time. You’ve got a pretty great store”

From all of us at SPEX by Ryan,
Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and yours!

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