26 - 07 - 2017

The wizard boy who shall not be named.

We all too often find our customers relating themselves to the famous J.K Rowling character the very moment they set a pair of our round frames on their face. Whether they are in fact a small wire spectacle similar to the one featured throughout the films or one of the many other circular styles that are currently (back in style) and popular. The Harry-like look isn’t a bad thing in our opinion- however the usual giggle and blushing that follows the statement/taking the glasses off in a rapid fashion indicates that it might be the case.

The wizard boy has seemingly become a swear word at the shop… So I am only wanting to clear the air & remember some of the other well-known round-spec-sporting celebrities that we all love.

From John Lennon to Tupac, the music industry has given us countless artists who use their eyewear to showcase their sense of style. Both of these musicians, on very opposite ends of the spectrum, often sported a very fine, circular, wire frame. Looking both cool & classic (much like all of you, our SPEX clients).

Another one of my favourite examples is the always colourful & eclectic fashion-icon, Iris Apfel. Her and her husband Carl have both wildly- though with pose worn some of the most creative-statement glasses the industry has seen. Iris has always firmly stated that one’s style should please yourself before others- which is another motto we at SPEX like to adhere by.

So, SPEX friends. No, you do not look like Harry P. Unless this is the look you are wanting to achieve, in which case, we’ve got you!

Be your bad, wizard-self.


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