17 - 12 - 2015

To YOU! Merry Christmas, from SPEX

Wow! What an amazing year it has been at SPEX By Ryan, and its mostly all thanks to our wonderful clients. To all those who have come to our events, proudly rep our products, and even just pop in to see what we are all about….THANK YOU!! All the brilliant create minds who worked tirelessly on 2 of our first campaigns, thank you! To the supportive small business comunity who has shown nothing but excitment, and engagment in SPEX – thank you all so much.

Starting a business can be nerve racking endevour, but being able to grow it in such a strong, and supportive community has been a blessing. There is no place like Saskatchewan. We may not have all the big box stores but we are paving the way, inovating the idea of what is high end, what is fashion, what is an artistic community – and how they interact.

Wishing all of you a gorgeous Christmas, and good health in the New Year.

Ryan and I are very excited to see all of you in 2016.

Our Holiday hours are as follows: 

December 24th  1pm-5pm

December 25th CLOSED

December 26th CLOSED

December 28th 10pm-5pm

December 29th 10pm-5pm

December 31st 1pm-5pm

Jan 1st CLOSED 

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