08 - 03 - 2019

Upcoming Trends and Styles So Far in 2019

It’s hard to believe but we are already two months into 2019 and with the new year we are seeing new trends and styles already.

Building off of 2018 which saw a rise in vintage looks and eyewear coming back, you can look forward to more of your favourite vintage styles. This year promises to bring them back with a twist, as designers are all looking to make innovations on these classic styles. Customers don’t want the same old, same old style and the industry hears you loud and clear. Aviators will remain a big style go to, but keep your eyes peeled for new takes on the classics by playing with the shape, materials and overall style.

Geometric shapes of all sorts are making their way into more and more eyewear frames. From the classic round “Harry Potter” style, to out there bold and unique shapes of all styles, be prepared to try a variety of shapes and sizes. These glasses have all the “gons” covered from your hexagons to octagons to decagons and more.

Men Eyewear Regina 2019 Styles

Bold and beautiful colours are here to make a statement, and the statement isn’t just limited to your frames. Not limited to sunglasses these tinted lenses, often called fashion tints, are here to bring colour to your indoor lenses. While they may not always have the UV protection of regular sunglasses, they can offer more than just a fashion statement. Certain tints can help block blue light that is constantly emitted from all your digital devices, helping to reduce eye strain.

Come by SPEX and let us know what trends your excited for in 2019! We’ll see about getting you into that new stylish pair of frames.

Women Eyewear Regina 2019 Styles

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