10 - 03 - 2015

Welcome To SPEX By Ryan

Welcome to SPEX By Ryan

Allow me to (re)introduce myself. My name is Ryan Horne and I have been a licensed optician in Regina for 22 years, working at two different optometric clinics.  In January, I opened up my own independent eyewear store called SPEX By Ryan at 2326 Albert St. (formerly Coda Clothing) next to Leopold’s pub.

This is an opportunity for me to reconnect the people of Regina and area with many of the world’s finest independent eyewear collections, along with exciting new lens technologies.  As many of my previous clients will know, I just love what I do- and with the launch of SPEX By Ryan, a new era has begun.

SPEX By Ryan offers a hip, relaxed atmosphere to find your new look.  A carefully curated selection of creative, thought provoking styles awaits, with expert advice provided by myself.  I enjoy taking the stress out of style selection. Many people loathe choosing new eyewear, but I happen to really enjoy it. Let me sift through SPEX By Ryan’s vast assortment, weeding out pieces that won’t apply, saving you a lot of time and energy.

Quite often, people will unknowingly be drawn to similar styles to what they already wear. That is fine, however, I pride myself in introducing new looks to evolve your look for the next while. When people look at something different on their face, it often seems foreign and weird.  I, however, care to see people how others will see them, and provide styles that will excite and sometimes challenge comfort levels. Nobody has asked me to help them look older, so let me help you look young and energetic!  This is my profession and my passion.  Stop by SPEX By Ryan  for an incredible eyewear experience.

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