03 - 05 - 2021

What’s the best way to clean my glasses?

Cleaning your glasses is a simple process, and can often just be using the proper resources, such as a quality cleaning cloth, and cleaning solution.

To get a really great clean while protecting your lenses, however, it’s recommended to rinse your glasses with distilled water often to get rid of any debris that may be lingering from general use.

What kind of solution should I use to clean my glasses?

It’s recommended to use a cleaning solution specifically made for cleaning glasses.

Check with us to see if any lens treatment you have on your lenses affects the type of solution you should be using.

What type of cloth should I use to clean my glasses?

Microfiber clothes are the most common material recommended for cleaning your glasses.

However, you should avoid buying cheap cloth when possible. Even if it says microfiber, it still may not be suitable for cleaning your glasses, and this can lead to an uneven clean, or scratches in some cases.

Do not use your shirt or other rough fabrics. Make an effort to keep a cloth in places you may need them, such as your desk, car, nightstand or anywhere else you find yourself needing to clean your glasses.

Every pair of glasses sold from SPEX by Ryan comes with our custom cleaning cloths. We spend a lot of time cleaning glasses, and it’s important for us to have the perfect material and build quality.

We always recommend picking up an extra one or two.

Be sure to replace your cloth often, as overtime they can get rough in spots which may lead to lens damage.

How to I hold my frames while cleaning my glasses?

Holding the frames in a comfortable manner that lets you clean as effectively as possible is the best way to start, whether it’s holding your frames by the ends of the arms, or at the base of where the arms connect.

However, each pair of glasses are made of different material and constructed using different methods. You’ll know the feel of your frames and their durability, but you should consider the two basic types.

Thicker frames are easier to handle, and the lenses are often deep set so they don’t damage easy. These are easier to clean, but you should always take precaution not to touch the lenses to smudge them up more.

Thin frames, or frames with lenses affixed in a more delicate set should be cleaned very carefully and with as little pressure as possible.

To hold the frames by the lens on the side that you are cleaning to avoid any un -needed stress on the solder points of metal/titanium frames. (Often held at the bridge or by one temple and gets pressure on these points which over in time can weaken the solders)

What else should I avoid while cleaning my glasses?

Spit and hot breath DO NOT clean your glasses.

This is a common method used by grandmas everywhere, and it does not work. Your saliva isn’t clean, and it will just add more gunk to your lenses, potentially damaging them and more often than not, just making them even dirtier.

Another thing to consider is the transmission of bacteria not meant to interact with your eyes, which can cause irritation or even infection.

Do not use your shirt, tissue or material than a quality microfiber cloth.

Any debris or rough surface has the potential to scratch your lenses. Shirts, scarves and cleaning clothes like toilet paper, tissues or even paper towel are a frequent cause of scratches or scuffs.

Try to avoid hanging glasses on your shirt or putting them on the top of your head. This can stretch the arms or damage the lenses.

It’s best to take your glasses off safely with both hands. Taking them off from one arm can also damage the frames and hinges.

What other parts of my glasses should be cleaned?

Nose pads can get gunked up with all sorts of bacteria and grime. It’s pretty difficult to clean those out, but thankfully they’re easy and inexpensive to replace.

There are all sorts of places where dirt and muck can hide.

Often you can clean these parts with a gentle scrub with a cloth damp with warm water.

Any parts surface of your glasses that comes into contact with your skin will transmit oil and sweat onto the frames. Be sure to wipe these areas down often.

Plastic frames with deep bevels can build up with our body oils and dust.

When cleaning lenses, your cloth can drag these oils across your lenses, streaking them feeling like you can never get them clean.

Same as with the nosepads, oils that build up around the pad, even good cloths cloths can drag those oils across the lens and cause them to just get dirtier.

There are parts of the glasses you won’t be able to get to. If you want a deep clean, such as inside the frames, stop by and we can pop the lenses out safely to give it a good clean!

The last bit of advice we can give: Keep your lenses clean!

It sounds easy, but we all have bad habits. Pushing our frames up from the middle and smudging the lenses, keeping your glasses stored outside their cases.

Take a few moments to consider how you treat your glasses, and you might find you’re cleaning them less and less.

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