28 - 10 - 2015

Where’s the Men’s Section???

By, Alissa M. Hill

If you have visited our store you know we keep our glasses divided by collection, in cabinets and displays so we can take you through one on one for a personalized experience. Naturally, the first question people ask when they walk in is, “Where is the woman/men’s section?”.

At SPEX By Ryan we don’t believe in the division or limitation of putting frames into either a “Man’s frame or Women’s Frame” category. Spexappeal knows no bounds… what I mean by this is that a frame that could be perceived “Masculine” can look as good as or better on a woman then a man and vice versa!

This also opens the gates to explore your personal fashion expression, do you only wear pink if you’re a girl or blue if you’re a boy? No way! We have more woman rocking short men’s haircuts and suits or men with long hair and floral print shirts than ever before – your eyewear selection should be just as vast and exciting.

Here is a picture of Entourage of 7’s new campaign shoot – (We carry this brand and exact frame at the shop!) It’s a fantastic example of how a 70’s inspired, masculine frame can be transformed into a strong and sexy look on this beautiful woman! Your eyewear should inspire you.

Karl Lagerfeld – one of fashion’s most legendary and respected innovators wears a rather ‘feminine’ styled sunglass by Shambala (also a frame we have at our store).

At SPEX By Ryan we are here to enhance your shopping experience through the means of a unique customer experience, quality product as well as opening the flood gates to styles that will pleasantly surprise, shock, and boost your daily “feel good” mantra.

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