30 - 11 - 2015

Your Frames are HOW much?!?!

There has always been question and debate about the quality of an item being reflected in cost.

Do you buy the $30.00 bottle of wine or the $12.00, is the quality of wine based solely on your palate … you may love the $12.00 bottle and hate the $30.00 bottle so which gives you more value? Likely the $12.00 bottle that you will drink and enjoy.

But for eyewear, often there is distinct difference in quality of product reflected in price -= which is more often than not based on a variety of principles including materials used, origin of manufacturing, and craftsmanship.

I grew up with parents who needed glasses, and once every two years picked out a new frame with lenses, for around 400-600 altogether, which was fairly normalized at the time. Keep in mind they were lucky if the frame and lenses lasted them to see the second or third year, in which after they would dispose of the frame and obtain a new one.

Our mantra is very unique at SPEX By Ryan. We pride ourselves in carrying heirloom quality merchandise. What do I mean by this? You may still update your style every 2 years, but it would be by choice not necessity. Generally our clients come back, not only for a new addition to their collection but to update the lenses in an old pair Ryan sold to them years earlier. The frames we provide to the community are of quality, handmade, material and craftsmanship which in turn lasts 10-15 years longer than your general 2 for 1 shop.

It may sounds odd, why would we want our clients to have a frame that last them for life? So, much so that they pass their old frame on as antiques to grandkids and great grandkids. One: we actually really care about our customers… eyewear is an investment, it’s the first thing people see on you, it affects your daily self-esteem, confidence, overall quality of site and life…

People generally don’t stop at one pair, even it lasts them forever because it’s nice to have options. What are you wearing today, were are you going, how are you feeling? The only way you’ll ever develop those options for yourself is if you have quality frames that last you, so you aren’t consistently having to replace your one and only pair every couple years; instead you develop a collection of interchangeable options.

For all these reasons most of our frames average the $500.00 mark at the store, we have a couple lines in the 200-300 range, and others exceeding $900.00 – same range goes for our lens options. Each collection we carry was meticulously analyzed for quality, functionality, attractiveness, versatility, and much more before we decide to put our name in front of it. Even our lower cost range has been “SPEX” approved before we sell it to our clients. Keep in mind that finding collections to carry at or below the $300.00 retail range is exceedingly challenging to find, (that fit our longevity and quality requirements) – thus that 500.00 average we rep.

If you take 600.00 divided by 2 years that equals roughly 300.00 a year, for that 2 for 1 shop frame.

If you take 1,200 divided by 15 years 80.00 a year for something that should last you, and your grandbabies!

Great resources to help with the cost of glasses are your, and or/ significant others eye care plan, health spending accounts, ect.

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