17 - 10 - 2022

Transitions FAQ

We love Transitions Lenses!

Year after year, SPEX by Ryan has equipped more frames with a sleek pair of Transitions Lenses to give the wearer their eyewear a dual function with a stylish twist.

While we’re always happy to talk about and show off the technology, we wanted to put together a little quick Transitions Q & A to highlight a few of the questions we get asked on the reg!

Are Transitions Lenses powered by magic? How do they work?

There is no magic involved, but there are a lot of smart people behind the technology making it work.

Transitions lenses are a photochromatic lenses that darken or lighten with exposure to different kinds of light. This results in eyewear that can *Transition* from clear lenses for indoor use, and darken to a sunglass lens with exposure to UV light outdoors, protecting your eyes from them sun’s harmful rays.

What types of Transitions Lenses are there?

Signature Style Transitions Lenses

Currently the most common form of Transitions lenses, Signature Style, is the go to for most people trying Transitions out for the first time. Being industry standard, the Signature Style Transitions lenses are one size fits all for most frames.

Signature Style Transition Lenses are the best entry point for anyone wanting to tryt Transitions Lenses.

XTRActive Transitions Lenses

To achieve the darkest lenses, both in the car and in direct sunlight, Transitions XTRActive is a great option.

XTRActive users will find that their lenses have a *hint of tint* to them that isn’t present in the Signature Style. But this can enhance the look of a patricular frame by adding a little more flavour and depth to its style.

If you want a little more flare to your  XTRActive Transitions Lenses, you can give it the full Top Gun look and get a mirrored treatment with the Transitions Style Mirrors, which changes your Transitions Lenses with a mirrored finish upon darkening.

Will Transitions Lenses work in any frames?

Transitions Lenses are pretty versatile and can be fitted to most styles and frames. We always want to see your frames before we can give a definitive answer, so bring yours in for us to check out!

How long does it take Transitions Lenses to change from clear to dark and vice versa?

Transitions lenses typically darken within 30 seconds of exposure to UV Light.

It takes a bit longer to become clear again. Typically between 5 and 15 minutes depending on a number of factors.

What colours do Transitions Lenses come in?

Signature Transitions Lenses come in the classic Gray, Brown and Graphite Green, along with in four additional style colours: Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst & Amber.

Transitions XTRActive Lenses come in Gray, Brown and Graphite Green.

Transition Style Mirrors come in colour options such as Silver, Blue Violet, Flash Gold, Blue Green & Copper.

Which Transitions Lenses will work best for me?

From a functional standpoint you need to figure out when you’re going to want your lenses to transition. If you’re wanting basic protection from UV lights outside the Signature Style Lenses is the best option.

Driving is a big part of living in Saskatchewan, especially in winter. If you do a lot of driving sometimes the Signature lenses don’t provide the effectiveness of a pair of driving sunglasses would. Transitions XTRActive are the easy solution for this.

Style wise, it depends on your frames, and what vibe you’re going for! The XTRActive will have a slight tint to them that is noticeable to the wearer and those around them, but having a bit of colour isn’t a bad thing, especially if its for your second or third pair.

If you want more information, coupled with some snazzy infographics, you can see more about Transitions Lenses on our Innovations Page!

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